weekend report

Well this weekend was a doozy. I spent most of it laying on the couch with an obnoxious cough thats been going on a good three...four weeks, the doc said was most likely whooping cough, or bronchitis, but whose to say. And seriously who gets whooping cough anymore? vaccinate your kids people! Other than that the weekend was pretty low key, we hit up the dollar movie theatre and saw This is 40, which surprisingly enough we both really enjoyed. Its funny what movies you start relating to the older you get, or maybe its that whole having a kid thing that puts life into a different perspective, again WHOSE TO SAY :)

Weekend conclusion: I cough a lot, joey expresses concern, we go on walks, we eat dinner, more coughing, more concern, movies, sleep. sleep. movies. sleep.

This post was brought to you by the worlds most boring weekend. Hope yours was way more exciting and had a lot less coughing.

PS: are you using the new vine app? I'm kind of obsessed and cant wait to make some tiny vids!

xoxo kids!

a progression of the bump

Welp, here I am, in all my iPhone self portrait glory. We're currently at 24 weeks (Yay viability!) so I thought it was due time to show you where I keep all of that baby boy! This is my gradual progression from weeks 12 to 24, minus a few weeks here and there. I promise sometime in the near future I'll pull out my real camera and stop doing that obnoxious phone stuff.

I'm starting to realize that pregnancy face is REAL, and tying shoes is a very very difficult task. I understand why people recommend slip on shoes. That whole up and down thing is getting weird, and I have grown chub in places I never thought possible, also husbands' closet is my best friend.  Despite how uncomfortable and awkward pregnancy is, its totally worth it and I feel very lucky! So keep growing kid! I'll take the extra pounds and all :)

i love you weekends

You know those weekends when nothing out of the ordinary or extraordinary happens, but everything feels particularly awesome anyway? I feel as is this was one of those weekends. We saw friends, did lots of antiquing, and watched one hundred movies in bed, and yet somehow all of it together seemed to mish mash into a very lovely weekend. It also helped that I had monday off and the weather was incredible, but whose keeping score.

Friday night we babysat for kids from the looney bin. We had crying, puking, peeing on the floor, not going to sleep, basically everything you really want your husband to whiteness before you actually have a kid(no, not really). Good news is he's pretty much a pro and wasn't phased by the crazy goons, he actually comes to work once a week to visit me and play with the babes, he's kind of the cutest. To make up for our crazed friday night I made him endure with me we went antiquing for some record goodies Saturday and stumbled upon the tiniest of baby boots. It was one of those moments over the weekend where we said HOLY *@#$&$@*, this is all about to get real up in here. As crazy as those moments feel, they also bring a sense of excitement and newness that I think only soon to be parents get to experience. I mean I thought getting a puppy or moving to a new place was as exciting as our life could get, this just takes it to a whole new level of holy cows.

And basically thats how the rest of our weekend went! I feel as if we've finally made the transition from "whoa...is this really real?" to "This is totally REAL!" God willing the rest of the pregnancy goes as swell as it has been, we're getting pretty excited about parenthood.

Perhaps thats what made our weekend into such a lovely ball of things? Being aware of all of that goodness around us and soaking it up for everything its worth.

I'm not even sure im talking about the weekend anymore???

Anyways, I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend too! Tell me what you did, how it was, everything!!! Did you have any lightbulb moments like us? Cheers to a good week friends!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday all you blogger friends and family! This is my day off this week and I cant tell you how pumped I am! We're heading out to do some record searching and some antiquing at the moment, but I have a feeling the rest of this sunny weekend will be filled with movies and walks around the lake. I have nothing else exciting to tell you today, but I plan on getting back to a more regular schedule Monday! I just wanted to pop in and say "Hi, hello, how are you?" because its been tooo long. I'm currently in the process of revamping this site so don't mind how funny it looks at the moment. Kapish? Have a wonderful Friday friends!

Lets do this! 2013

Hello 2013! I typically am down with the saying " Don't use the new year as your reason" but I feel as if this year ACTUALLY comes with so many new changes that we can throw that saying out the window. At least for this post :)  For me 2013 comes with a big move, a new babe, new hopes and aspirations, and hopefully a lot more blogging then I left you with at the end of last year.

Alright let me catch you up on what you've missed, or I've missed out on telling you the last couple months...

Baby Heiser is a BOY. Did you hear that guys? A BOY! So far everything looks good and healthy, and we're hoping it continues that way! Currently 22 weeks and feeling tons of kicks. I seriously feel like this baby is doing kung fu in my uterus. Its actually much more endearing then that sounds. I'm finally over sickness, food aversions, and  I am starting to get quite the belly, although I'm having trouble deciphering if its from the holiday food or actually baby boy growing. The second trimester is truly better than the first, those books were right about that :)

The holidays were very busy, but seeing family and snow was just SWELL.

Joey's still the sweetest, and most patient Husband friend in all the land.

We're still planning the move to Indiana in March, and getting very excited about all that it will entail. We will miss the mountains terribly, but we've got friends and family back home so its a pretty fair trade, you know?


I cant think of any other life altering, earth shattering news. We've been pretty low key the last couple months. With that being said I'm trying to get back to a regular  blog schedule. Dont hate if it's only a couple days a week, but I say thats better than nothing right?

Hope your NEW YEAR is the best yet!

Hello December!

Holy cow! How did it become December so soon? Time is going so fast! Thanks to the business of the holidays and the general fatigue of cooking a baby, I'm finding it soooo hard to blog at the end of the day. So if things are sporadic until after the season you'll know why.

Are you guys ready for Christmas? Its pretty much our favorite time of year in this house hold so there has been loads of Christmas music playing and LOTS of christmas lights strung inside our tiny little apartment. Picking out our tree is always one of my most looked forward too events. We found this adorable tree farm in the mountains and we always go there and stroll through those frasier firs until we find the perfect one. Undoubtedly our trees seem to be getting bigger every year and thats ok with us.

Other than Christmas happenings we're just getting by and doing the same ol' same ol' and counting down the days until we move in March!

Whats new with you guys? I've been missing out on the blog world. MUST CATCH UP SOON!

the deets...

Thanks for all the love and sweet words earlier this week dolls, you really know how to make some pregnant folk feel good. We are currently thirteen weeks (I just said we? how cliche am I). It REALLY is a we thing though because Joey has put up with my many hormonal moods, cravings, and general lack of enthusiasm in the wife department. I'm pretty sure I spent a solid month in bed there in the beginning, but let me tell you guys, making a baby is hard work. Remember when I didn't blog for a month? yeah, that was then.

So all the juicy stuff! We're due in the end of May so we've got a good six and a half months left to go. I had a nice eight weeks of the whole morning sickness and I still have days where im not feeling so hot, but I'm starting to feel much better. I'm hoping now that we're hitting the second trimester morning sickness and I will be parting ways. We ARE finding out what we're having. Surprisingly thats the question we get asked the most. We get to find out right before we go home for Christmas so it's a nice little early present for us. I'm still waiting patiently on that whole bump thing to show up, as it currently looks like I've taken to a strict diet of doughnuts, but I assure you I haven't.

On top of all this crazy baby business we're planning a move back home to Indiana. We really love our independence, but we cant imagine being far away from our family during such an exciting time in our lives. Those hormones make you do crazy things, but I think I'll thank them for this one.

Well I guess thats enough excitement for one day. Hopefully you arent sick of baby talk already, because honestly I just finally got used to the thought and I'm getting pretty excited. So be warned, if pregnancy somehow happens to pop up in every post from here until may I apologize, but I will try really hard not to do that to you.

Hope you're having a swell Wednesday! xoxo



We're hoping to add to our little family come May and we are over the moon about it!

Is it to early for all things Christmas?

Welp looks like we all made it to Friday. Three cheers for that! Tonight the Mister and I are thinking about getting our Christmas decorations out. It is a little early, but I say anything past November is fair game. I may have even purchased eggnog and Christmas treats to get us in the spirit, but who are we kidding we're always in the Christmas spirit ( if only you knew how serious our families take Christmas). We've also been on a huge musical kick lately so we might be watching some of those and strutting around in our pj's all weekend long. Our current favorite is singing in the Rain, you try getting those songs out of your head. I'm currently going on threes days with "Good morning Good morning, it's great to stay up late, good morning good morning to you!" playing on repeat all hours of the day in this noggin of mine. There's something about winter and cold weather that makes me completely ok with staying in watching old classics and doing absolutely nothing all weekend long.

Cheers everybody!

creature comforts

After being home for a week in Indiana for my Grandma's funeral, im finding myself partaking in all sorts of comforts now that im back in my own space. Hot tea, BIG cable knit sweaters, and that pup face are all keeping me cozy; and the weather, that perfect frosty crispness you only enjoy at the end of fall and first snow, you know what I'm talking about! These things are what I'm delighting in after a particularly long week last week. Should I say week again?

The thing about funerals, they are always harder and more sad than you imagine them to be. Always! I dont know why I imagine in my head that I wont do the ugly cry, because I always do, there's no stoping that when you loose someone you really love. OK phewww, said it, moving on.

Now, the thing about being home with your sisters and parents (both sides) for a week is, it's always harder to leave and say goodbye then you think its going to be. I like to pretend I'm this strong independent broad who can take on the world with my Hubs by my side, and manage without friends and family around, but you know what, I actually really really like them. I like being around them and I REALLY like when they cook for me :) Then if your a little bit silly and hormonal like me, you fly home to your sweet husband and tell him all the reasons you should move home RIGHT NOW. All the things you hated about the small town you grew up in suddenly feel just as comforting as that big cable knit sweater you've worn every day this week. Life is funny ain't it? I promise never to say ain't again. EVER.

Now I've gone and got myself so far off topic I don't even know. So, tell me,  what's keeping you cozy this week? Do you have any silly creature comforts you're indulging in?


Hello little world. I'm home from Indiana. While I've been away there have been series of unfortunate events, and also some really good ones. I dont think I feel like typing them all out just yet so I'm just going to say HI for now and save the innards for later this week. In the mean time I thought you'd enjoy these strange faces joey and I made for you. ALSO how miraculous was that extra hour of sleep last night? Thank you daylights savings. I promise to get all deep and thoughtful on you here soon, but being since its Sunday and all I best leave it short. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

life gets busy sometimes

The business of life at times can be ummm.....overwhelming. Between work, tons of wonderful visitors, and ailing grandparents, I'm finding it hard to post about the mundane  everyday life things that normally are so relevant on this little space of mine. It's hard to write about how much you love crunching fall leaves and listening to records when so many you know are going through harder times, it hardly seems fair, and its even harder to write about how much I've been enjoying having both sides of our families around and visiting, because its all just too good to put into words these days.  Seriously, I get all blubbery every time I have to say goodbye to visitors, that last wave goodbye and I'm mush. On top of that we are busier than ever over here trying to figure out what life has in store for us and where we want the future to take us. Big kid things, you know.

In between our panics about "what to be when you grow up" and life moving at a faster pace then we're used to, I've been eating millions of 100 Grand candy bars, watching the leaves out my window turn the prettiest shade of gold, and nannying for the sweetest two girls ever (the people I work for just had another baby, lets just say baby fever is an understatement). We're also heading back to Indiana this week for the sister in laws birthday (october birthdays are the coolest, I wish i had one :) and to see the family. I am very much looking forward to it! I probably wont be posting while I'm home, but I promise I'll be back to the usual once we get home. Until then, enjoy the last bits of fall! xoxo!

howdy doody October!

Guys its October now. This is my favorite month of the whole year! You already know my love for fall so I wont go into detail, but it's a good month. Hopefully you've been enjoying your days and being just as oblivious to the blog world as I have. I keep finding myself pre occupied with other tasks and long walks and about a million of other things to do besides sit down and blab about my feelings or life. Good news is, life is GOOD! See you didn't have to worry, I don't even have a bad news to go with my good news just straight up feeling good. Joey finds  out if he gets into the accelerated nursing program this week, and his family is coming this weekend, and then more family is visiting the week after that, anddddd thennnn we're thinking we didn't get enough family time the two weeks before so we might as well make another stop back home in good old Indiana. We'll see, but I have a feeling October is going to be pretty busy and I'm cool with that.

Hopefully you guys have had a good start to fall! Joeys already been making fires in the fire place and we're craving some carmel apples, we even pulled the old wassail off the shelf :) I may or may not have already listened to Christmas music a few times. Its all wonderful stuff so I'm not going to complain, but I do thing you should do some festive stuff too. Really get yourself fully emeressed  those Autumn vibes.
Im not feeling so hot this week so im taking a leave of absence until next Monday. 
XO friends!


This weekend was fantastic. If you can imagine the theme song from robin hood being whistled in your head all the whilst laying in the hammock on the very first day of fall, with your other half reading books and dreaming about life, then you can picture my weekend. That pretty much sums all of it up. I know I've said it before, but nature for me has such a grounding presence, so if i can go outside and feel the wind on my face and be overly present, I practically explode from happiness. The outside stuff was also accompanied by movie watching and lots of sleep. Oo-de-lally golly what a weekend?

(This was the only picture we took all weekend. OOPS. I'll be better net weekend I promise)

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